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Moving To Belize;;;Living In Belize

Moving to Belize, Living In Belize
should go to the immigration office so that they can stamp your valid passport for another
30 days’ worth of stay. For the first 6 months, this costs USD 12.50 per month.

If you want to qualify for Belize residency , you can only leave the country for no longer
than two weeks, during the first year of living in Belize. After staying in the country for 1
year, you will be qualified to apply for ‘Permanent Residency’. The equivalent of this in the
United States is having a ‘Green Card’ and in Canada, it is like being a ‘Landed Immigrant’.

Retiring in Belize has many special benefits. If you are a resident of the United Kingdom,
Canada or the United States and are 45 years or older you can qualify.  Retiring and living
in Belize is a great way to enjoy your golden  years.

Your application for moving to Belize is best done personally since immigration officials
would require your presence for the assessment. Bring the following documents as they
will be necessary for your immigration visit:

•        A police report from the local police department where you have been staying for
more than 6 months.
•        A medical certificate, including an HIV test, which will verify the status of your health.
It can be obtained from any local doctors in the country.
•        Three recent passport pictures.
•        Copies and original bank or financial statements, whichever applies.
•        If you are moving to Belize with your children, you have to bring with you their birth
certificate, especially if they are minors or underage.
•        Pertinent personal legal documents such as marriage, divorce, separation certificates.
•        Any work permit or trading license, if there is any.

The processing of should depend upon the workload that the immigration department
receives. Regularly, it takes 8-12 weeks. Once your residency permit has been granted,
you will be required to register at the Income Tax Department.

With regard to obtaining Belize citizenship, you should already have had a minimum
permanent residency of five years or more. If you are a spouse of a Belizean, citizenship
can be applied after a year of marriage. There is an application fee of 200 BZD (Belizean
Dollar) per adult and 100 BZD  per minor child.

If you have more questions on what it takes to move to Belize then check out the video
below. Some of the transmission of the interview is distorted but the information is very
good if you are looking to become a Belize expat.

As you can see moving to Belize is relatively easy. Just follow the simple rules and you
will be a resident of paradise. Living in Belize is a as good as it gets.

If you are over 45 you may qualify for a retirement exemption when moving to Belize. This
video has some interesting points on the subject.





Moving to Belize
Moving To Belize
Belize Immigration Department Seal
Considering moving to Belize? Belize is fast becoming one of the
most popular countries for relocation nowadays. Aside from the fact
that it is the only country in Central America with English as their
official language and they have the mix of British colonization and
Caribbean lifestyle, their current economic and cultural status
makes moving to Belize a delight for many. As a result many people
especially retirees are moving to Belize
to enjoy the good life. Living in Belize
is as good as it gets.

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questions about Moving to Belize and
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lot of them to be better informed of
what is necessary for you to
successfully complete your relocation.
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for more than one month per visit, you