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Moving to Belize::::Average Cost of Living in Belize

Belize Average Cost of Living
determine the factors which will affect your living expenses.

According to the International Monetary Fund of 2010, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per
person in Belize is USD 7,835, putting them as the 83rd in the whole world. A year after, partly
because of economic growth, the country’s GDP grew to USD 8,400, making them 76th in the
world ranking.

What is GDP and why should you care about it if you want to know the
average cost of living in
? Technically, GDP is defined as the total market value of all goods and services
produced in a specified period (usually 1 calendar year for economic measurement). Think of
this: the GDP of a country is the amount of money needed in order to survive living in one
year. In Belize’s case, it was USD 8,800 in 2009. As you can see most US social security
recipients could live well in Belize and still be considered well off.

General consumer products taken in consideration for living expenses are essential food
items. Fresh fruits and vegetables in Belize are definitely more affordable compared to the
United States. Street vendors and farmers markets are the best places to acquire such
produces. If you know or learned how to shop your necessary food staples, a weekly food
budget of USD 45 can sustain a simple lifestyle in Belize.

With regard to alcoholic beverages, the price of alcohol especially those which are locally
produced is a lot cheaper compared to other Western countries. Of course, if you prefer
imported and premium spirits, it will cost you more than what it is originally priced in the US.
This is due to shipping and storage factors. However, the lower taxes (in comparison to
Canada and the US) make the prices of imported beverages in Belize still reasonable by global

Housing cost vary widely depending if you are living in a tourist area or one of urban centers.
High end condos will rent for as much as $750 USD a month where as a house in an urban
area can be rented for about $200 USD. No matter where you decide to reside in Belize the
cost of living is very reasonable.


                                                                                Average Cost of Living in Belize
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Moving to Belize is rapidly becoming more and more popular to those
who are planning to settle and retire. Many say that the country is
good for calming the nerves and maintaining a good blood pressure.
Belize has a laid back atmosphere ideal to enjoy island life. If you wish
to take pleasure in living with natural wonders and the rich cultural
history, knowing the
average cost of living in Belize is a must.
Since it is still a part of the developing
countries, the
average cost of living in
is considerably lower compared
to the United States and other Western
countries such as Canada and Australia.

To calculate or get an approximate of the
average cost of living in Belize, you have
to assess the kind of lifestyle you intend
to live while staying in the country. Are
you going to start a business? What type
of living arrangements are you going to
prepare? Are you going to shopping for
possible real estate properties? These
questions and such will help you