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Moving to Belize::::Belize Golf Course

Belize Golf Course
For the many golf aficionados who seek the ultimate getaway from city
stress by unwinding in the lush greenery of a
golf course, then you
might be surprised that Belize can offer you the perfect weather and
location for your Game.

Because of the Caribbean climate, a
Belize golf course presents an
encouraging opportunity for golfers. Although Belize is better known
for its tropical delights rather than its golf courses, you will surely be
glad to know that you can enjoy both in such dramatic and surprising

The most exclusive
Belize golf course is the Caye Chapel Island
Resort Golf Course. This luxury theme resort is located 12 miles off
the coast of Belize. In order to get there, you just have to alert Caye
Chapel of your travel itinerary so that they can arrange for your local
flight transfer.

Special flight services from Belize mainland leave every hour and it
only takes around 10 minutes to go there. The roundtrip flight costs
only USD 110 and will be placed on your resort bill. If you wish to set-
up an alternative way to go to Caye Chapel, such as charter flights,
helicopter services, private aircrafts, or water taxi, you can advise they
can especially arrange them for you. Just make sure to advise them in

The elusive yet stunning
Belize golf course of Caye Chapel offers no
limits on the rounds you play. In short, you can play as much as your
golf energy will permit you to. You need not reserve any tee times
because the verdant Bermuda is all yours for the taking. Consider the
resort your very own, spacious and private golf course.

A new and fresh
Belize golf course is the Maskall Golf Course Lodge.
This tropical golf resort is only 45 minutes away from the country’s
international airport and offers a complete 9-hole golf course.
Boasting of 1,320 acres of pristine greenery, the eye-catching main
lodge is considered the largest thatched roof building in the country. It
is surrounded by four 1,000 square foot cabanas, and 10 smaller
cabanas, both of which are thatched roof.

Belize golf course also have a computerized office, two
residence buildings for staff housing, a helipad, a horse barn with tack
room, two fully equipped indoor and outdoor kitchens of commercial
caliber, and stations for the field engineers and managers. If you
happen to forget your golfing equipments, do not fret as they also
offer rental. If you are there to accompany your travel buddy, then you
can ride the horses, tour the place with a mountain bike, kayak at the
serene lake or dive in the refreshing waters.

As a guest of Maskall Golf Course Lodge, you will have the option to
have your drink at the bar, lounge or at their picturesque deck which
is 16 feet above the tropical rain forest bed. Enjoy your coffee or
cocktail with an elevated and scenic view of this charming
Belize golf
embedded amongst the extensive flora and fauna reserves of
the country.

True enough, with two of the most dazzling
Belize golf course in the
Caribbean, Belize is a paradise like no other. Get out and enjoy the
sun, sand, and golf of Belize!

Belize Golf Course