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Moving to Belize::::Facts On Belize

The Facts on Belize
Here are the facts on Belize. It is a unique and beautiful Central
America country that some call a tropical paradise.  The people of
Belize live a very easy going lifestyle that is envy of many people and
cultures.  To lead a genuine Belize life, you must know the bit and
pieces of information about the country.  Belize is does wonders in
calming your nerves and easing your blood pressure! To find
facts on Belize you must first get to know all of its important
and major towns of the country. The capital city is Belmopan but their
largest city is Belize City. Other cities have interesting names like
Crooked Tree, Orange Walk, and Big Creek. There is also the
metropolis of Corozal, Dangriga, Placencia, Punta Gorda, San Ignacio
which is also known as Cayo to Belizean, and San Pedro which is
located on Ambergris Caye.

To get a good idea of Belize’s geography, take note that there are
approximately 8 chief regions in the country. There is Ambergris Caye
which is the large barrier island and there is also Caye Caulker which
is the smaller barrier island. Both of them are located along the North
coast. Cayo is the central region of Belize; while Toledo is the
southern coastal or inland region. Belize district is the home of the
largest city which has Stann Creek on the south and jutting off it is
Placencia, a long island-like peninsula. Northern Belize has the
coastal district of Corozal and the inland district of Orange walk. All
areas provide what you need to enjoy Belize life.

Another important
facts on Belize is it financial system. The currency
of Belize is called Belizean Dollar (BZD) and is approximately worth a
half of US Dollar, depending on the inflation. It comes in
denominations of 2 dollars, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 50 dollars,
and 100 dollars. One Belizean dollar is coins and a 25 centavo coin is
called a shilling.

The laid back atmosphere of Belize life actually comes from a unique
blend of nationalities. They have influences from races of Maya, Kriol,
Spain, India, Chinese, Lebanon, and even Mennonites who are
originally of German descent. The official language is English but
there are also a lot of natives who can speak Spanish, Mayan,
Garifuna (Carib) and Creole.

Belize enjoys a nice tropical weather. It rains a lot during the months
of May to November, while dry season is on February to May. From
June to November, a number of hurricanes visit the country and be
prepared for a bit of coastal flooding, especially in the south.

facts on Belize include its religion. Spiritually Belize life is
diverse in a way that it will suit many nationalities. Majority of the
citizens are Catholics while a fourth of the population are Protestant
(Pentecostal, Anglican, Seventh - day Adventist, Mennonite, Methodist,
and Jehovah’s Witnesses). Other religions present are Taoism,
Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.

Facts on Belize include low Crime and stress which also allows its
people to live a very care free lifestyle. Government influence is also
very low key.  If you are a type A personality you probably will find
Belize too laid back for your taste. The best way to enjoy Belize life is
to take a vacation in Belize and discover all the benefits of Belize life.

If you do your research of all the
facts on Belize you will find that it is a
great place to visit and even a better place to move. Many visitors will
soon announce that they are
moving to Belize a tropical paradise.

:Facts On Belize