Moving to Belize
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•        There is a maximum exemption of USD 15,000 for tax/duty household item. This
includes all income generated abroad from work or investments.

Before you
retire in Belize, you must first know the general requirements for application.
You have to be at least 45 years old in order to submit an application to
retire in Belize. The
retirement program generally accepts nationalities from Canada, United States of America,
United Kingdom and Belizeans. Take note that Belize citizens can only apply if they have
been permanent residents of the nations aforementioned.

The required proofs for application are the following:
•        A document showing a monthly pension of at least USD 1,000.

•        Revenue certificates which are generated from current investments. Retirement
applicants should deposit at least USD 2,000 monthly to a local Belize banking institution.

•        All the financial deposits should be in US dollars only.

•        A contract will be signed by the 'Qualified Retirement Person' that the agreed
deposits will be made regularly.

•        Police records and clearance from previous country of residence should be

•        A medical certificate, along with a recent HIV test must be submitted together with the
completed application form.

•        If the qualified applicant wish to leave the program and renounce his or her status, all
imported assets declared under the Retirement Persons Act must be liquidated
accordingly, as stated on the program.

Getting to know the country is also a must when relocating and retiring Belize.
Again take
note that Belize is a former colony of the United Kingdom and they are the only Central
American country with English as the national language. Its neighboring countries are
Guatemala on the west and south; and Mexico is located on its north. The country’s
currency is called the Belizean Dollar (BZD) and its value is approximately
55% of the US
dollar (depending on foreign exchange rates).

The major religion is Roman Catholic which is followed by half of the populace and the a
fourth are Protestants. Other religions present are Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism and Islam.


                          Retire In Belize
Belize is now a top retirement location. This English speaking
tropical paradise once was part of he English Colonial System.
The cost of living is still very reasonable for just about any income
level. So far it has escape all problems that have plagued the rest
of Central America.
The Retirement Person Incentive Act
has been designed by the government
to attract foreign retirees, including
their dependents, to choose Belize as
their country of retreat and become
what they call as ‘Qualified Retired

If you retire in Belize, the main
incentives are the following:

•        Taxes from personal belongings
like approved means of transportation
(it can be motor boat or light aircraft